Home Schooling Program

Rock Climbing is a great alternative to Physical Education class.


$14.50 for 1st child (includes admission and rental fee) and just $8.00 for additional siblings.

Instruction will be provided.

All Night Climbs

Tired of going to the indoor rock gym when its to busy to climb your favorite routes? Can’t find time during the day to get all of your friends together to climb? Then reserve a night to stay at the gym all night long!

*Must have 10 or more participants to reserve. Groups under 18 years of age requires adult supervision.

Check Out Our Party Room!

A private space to set up and host your group which includes your own personal entrance to the caves!

What you get:

  • Tables/seating set up in your own lofted room above the climbing floor.
  • Price covers admission, rental equipment and use of the room for a 3hr reservation (group rates do not apply).
  • Guests are welcome to bring any food, drinks, snacks or decorations to add their own personal touch.