General Admission Pass


Monthly Membership
$54.00 Per Month

Gain access to our Rock Gym during any normal operating hours.


(Do not expire, can be transferred/used by other guests)

6 Punch card: $69.00

6 Punch card (with rentals): $108.00

12 Punch card: $120.00

12 Punch card (with rentals): $198.00


Climbing Harness + Shoe Rental: $6.50



1 Month (Individual, without rentals): $54.00

1 Month (Individual, with rentals): $80.00

3 Month (Individual, without rentals): $145.00

3 Month (Individual, with rentals): $220.00


Membership Referral Programs

Bring in 1 client who purchases a membership and receive $5.00 off your next membership.

Bring in 2 clients who purchase a membership and receive 1/2 off your next membership of equal value.

A.I.R. Policies



Admission for individuals is by full-day pass, and permits access to both the cave and the climbing walls. Equipment rental is likewise full-day, but is only necessary for climbing (not for caving). You pay one price up front and can climb ’till we close. You can even leave, get lunch, and come back; re-entrance is free for the rest of the day (for individuals only).

All prices include tax where applicable. Also, all membership offers and punchcards pertain to admission cost only, and not to equipment rental. Punchcards never expire and are transferable. Memberships are non-transferable.

A.I.R. Age Policy

Any child under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian in a ONE TO ONE child to parent ratio at all times while in our facility (including waiting areas) as part of our safety requirements. If the proper ratio is not met, the child will be unable to participate. The accompanying adult will not be charged if only present in helping to belay a child. Please call us to clarify any questions regarding this policy.